Site coordinates: 70.71791 W  33.26903 S
Elevation: 520 m

Enlarged view


The GM detector and its controller were first just lying on my desk, close to a Pandaboard used as server. It became quickly evident that the daytime measurements were influenced by the amount of ventilation the room was receiving. So, after installing the detector and its electronics in a prototype box, I hanged it just out of the window in front of my desk, approximately 3,5 m. Above the ground.
In the new location there was another unwanted effect: the box was on a wall looking east and it was clearly influenced by the sun heating up the wall (with consequent increased ventilation) during morning with sunshine.
So, after making it independent with the Raspberry PI, I moved it to its final position hanging from a wooden beam in the porch. There it is completely exposed to open air and repaired from rain and direct sunshine (except in early morning during summertime). However, the temperature dependence was still very strong, so I concluded that the detector was defective and I changed it.