The Cloud
Once upon a time powerful PTT Administrations were ruling communications in Europe and many other places. When digital communications began they kept providing lines and terminal equipment (Modems) to customers. But then the packet switching technology was invented and they felt threatened since they were no longer capable of controlling who was talking to whom.
So they invented the concept of a "cloud". The network would not provide just point to point  links but it would provide also all the services customer needed, so they did not have to talks with other service providers out of their control.
Of course they did not call it the cloud, but even invented a protocol for circuit switching and an acronym for these services: ISDN that is Integrated Services for Digital Network. The Cloud concept never really worked even if the most audacious of the Administrations, the French PTT, was successful with their Minitel, a Videotex based user terminal.
Fast forwarding from the Seventies I was really impressed when a new "cloud" started providing real services and I followed very closely (for professional reasons, being IT manager at the time) the expansion of its services.
Of course now I have everything relevant (and not confidential) in the cloud because it's so convenient and safe.

My Projects
When I realized that I was loosing pieces of my projects I obviously looked at the Internet. I decided to use a private site for organizing them. Therefore the site will be always under construction, at least as long as I will be able to stay active. Compared to just storing them in the Cloud this has the advantage that other DIY guys may found something interesting.

As far as possible detailed information on the implementations (schematics, blueprints, source codes) are provided. Otherwise I will be glad to send it directly to anyone
interested (click on "contact").
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